We killed a darling.

Last, we did our first playtest! This was way, WAY overdue, but we wanted the first test build to at least sorta represent our vision.  As anyone who makes games, or really any type of creation, it is often hard to give your creation to someone else, especially if it’s a work in progress.  But getting someone else, preferably someone from your target audience, to play your game can often give you valuable information.  So we finally pulled the trigger and gave 5 pairs of testers a selection of three levels to play through.

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Hello World! #1

Hello everyone. Welcome the official site and DevBlog of Mainframe!

Mainframe is couch co-op stealth game currently in development for PC.  The game is being made by us, Team Tenbit. “Who the hell are Team Tenbit” you ask? Well, we are a group of ambitious Game Development Students, allow us to introduce ourselves by answering a few questions over the span of a few posts!

Today, the question is: Tell something about yourself (as a GameDev)!

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