Hello World! #1

Hello everyone. Welcome the official site and DevBlog of Mainframe!

Mainframe is couch co-op stealth game currently in development for PC.  The game is being made by us, Team Tenbit. “Who the hell are Team Tenbit” you ask? Well, we are a group of ambitious Game Development Students, allow us to introduce ourselves by answering a few questions over the span of a few posts!

Today, the question is: Tell something about yourself (as a GameDev)!

After I finished high school I had two study options: Mechanical Engineering and Software engineering. I chose mechanical engineering, because I hadn’t any experience with programming. I regret that decision, because the study just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t see myself doing Mechanical Engineering for the rest of my life as a job. So eventually I did study software engineering and I like it very much so far, because now I can do awesome projects with others and see direct results of our work.
The product is tangible, you can be creative with the content and it is so much fun to create games!
And my programming skill is not bad at all 🙂

The main thing that draws me to Game Development is the content creation part of it. I love the idea of making something that others will use or enjoy. I have dabbled in a lot of different types of content creation but have never really got into one. I also really enjoy programming so Game Development seemed like a no-brainer to me.  I can also get really excited about well-written code. I’m a big fan of programming design patterns!

I have a history of producing film. I started my study to become game developer knowing that I could use my skills I learned in production in game development, while having a greater input in the overall product. So I love the production part, like programming some bits and create some awesome game design and graphical art.

As a Game Dev I like to be an allrounder. I am interested in the coding, design and art of the game, and love to take part in all of them while making a game. I like making my opinion known to my teammembers and supporting my opinion in discussions.

5 years ago I started the study Game Development in Amsterdam. Without any programming experience I started to learn coding and got quite good at it. I think it is important as a developer to learn the different sides of game development That is why I try to understand as many sides of development to improve the overall quality of a product,